Dreamtime by Cayce

[Hi everybody.  This month I am going to focus on a dream an actual client of mom’s had some years back.  Permission to use the dream so I can share my impressions and interpretation has been given, but the dreamer’s name has been omitted to protect their privacy]



I am roller blading with some friends from school.  We have a race to see who can get to the mall first.  I take a short-cut and end up lost.  I’m in an unfamiliar part of town, and everything  looks strange.  I try to ask people for directions, but I can’t seem to understand what they say.  It’s almost as though they are speaking a foreign language.  I keep going, because I don’t know what else to do.  I come to this bridge, and I’m afraid to cross, because it’s real narrow and I’m afraid a car will hit me.  I can see he mall and my friends on the other side of the bridge, but they can’s see me, and even though I call to them they don’t hear me.   I keep skating back and forth,  looking for someplace to safely cross underneath the bridge, but it’s all overgrown and jungle-like, and I know I’ll never be able to get through it.  Finally I make a decision to cross the bridge.  I skate onto it, and halfway across, here comes a car!  I can’t get out of the way, and I know I’m going to get hit by the on-coming car!  I close my eyes, expecting to feel the car slam into my body, but instead I feel wind rushing past my head and arms, and when I open my eyes, I am flying!  I fly over the top of the car and I come down on the other side!  All my friends are cheering me.  They slap me on the back and say “Way to go!”, and then they take me to the mall and buy me a pizza.  I feel great!!


My impressions:

Remember I said when seeking  the meaning or message contained in a dream one must begin by looking at the circumstances in one’s life.  The client who had this dream reported that she was truly going through a transition of great magnitude, and the symbolic contents of the dream indicate this.  First of all there is the segment where she is roller blading with friends from school (i.e., companions in the “school of life”).  There is some healthy “competition”… the race to the mall…and she takes a short-cut which results in her finding herself in an unknown part of town where everyone is speaking a foreign language.  In real life, she had veered away from the belief-system of some of her friends, choosing instead to go her own way, embarking on a studyof metaphysics, and to her it did seem like a foreign language!  There were a lot of new and unfamiliar things being shown to her, and she felt out of her element and unsure.  The bridge represents a crossing.  On the other side are her friends and safety, and she wants to get there and again enter into enjoyable experiences with them, but the bridge looks narrow and dangerous, and she feels afraid to cross it.  When she makes the decision to do so and starts out, almost immediately her greatest fear (getting hit by a car!) comes right up in her face! (“That which I fear the most has come upon me..!!), but she manages to overcome it magically and soar to the other side, where she is congratulated for her courageous deed.  The dream was telling her that just as others before her had crossed this bridge… this transition to the new life… so could she, even if it meant confronting her fears head-on, at which time she would receive the power to “rise above” them and reach the other side safely.  It is also indicating that her friends will be able to accept her having different beliefs from their own and welcome her presence in their lives.  They even celebrate her bravery, and the pizza (food) is a symbol for love.  I might add as a final comment that this client feared that the bridge might purport a permanent crossing-over (i.e., death!) for her, and was thus relieved to find it related instead to the enormous changes she was making in her life and in her attitudes  J


That’s it for this time, pups!  Be sure and submit the dream you would like to have interpreted in July’s issue of the magazine.  Remember, one dream entry per member, and the deadline for turning them in is June 25th., at which time a dream will be selected for interpretation and publication.  Why not yours?  Until then, I bid you sweet dreams!






3 responses to “Dreamtime by Cayce

  1. It is very interesting how each component of the dream is broken down and shown to represent the different elements of her thoughts about her life at that time. I’m sure by doing this it was extremely helpful to her in sorting through feelings about the life changes she was going through. I love this column because I find dreams very fascinating.

  2. Berenice & Darcy

    Must agree, with ya Suzzanee (Tyler?)

  3. Dreams are an invaluable source of wisdom, guidance, and messages from the super-consciousness or higher self. Once we learn how to speak the language of dream-talk, enabling us to accurately interpret the dream content, our growth is accelerated by leaps and bounds, carrying us to a new and higher understanding than would otherwise have been possible! 🙂

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