Christmas in July

Christmas in July

this will involve page decoration, christmas pictures,

we will have a page decoration contest
i will provide a small christmas themed gift as a prize

secret santa, this will involve pairing up two members and you each buy a gift for the other, if anyone doesn’t which to partake in secret santa please let us know,
how it used to work is once you are paired up with someone you peemail each other to exchange addresses
if anyone doesn’t want to send gifts out of their own country please let us know,
the usual spend on gifts would be around 5-10 dollars/euros/pounds

site auctions, got anything to sell can be dog related or not it really doesn’t matter, in the past auction items have included jewellery and household items, the only thing we ask in the auctions is that you donate a minimum of 50% to dogpawfile.  payment would usually be via paypal, but i am sure we can come to some arrangement  if you don’t have paypal
i am still deciding the best place to post auction items, pawfiles or make a forum post for them,

so lets make this a great event, we hope you will join in the fun, previous ones have been great lets make this one just as great if not better


do you want a visit from santa paws

if you wish to take part in secret santa part of christmas in july on dogpawfile then click the attend button please do  not click maybe,

you have july 10th to sign up then i will pair you up,

if anyone has any countries they prefer not to ship too please state this,

you just have to buy a small gift a toy/treat,  once you have received your gift just post a pawfile/photo of your dog with their gift

so please sign up by july 10th, if there is more than dog in your pack please state if you want them to be paired together or on their own


2 responses to “Christmas in July

  1. Momma is donating 3 Numerology Profiles to the auction. Reports will be emailed to the winning bidder to be printed out on their end 🙂 If you don’t know much about Numerology, it’s an ancient divination system that utilizes your birth date and birth name to reveal information about your life purpose, main lesson, secondary lesson, and underlying motivation. It’s a very comprehensive report that will give you lots of information… both already known and new!



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