Dream Time with Cayce




Really weird dream last night.


I dreamt the door bell went and I opened to a remax agent (who i wouldn’t deal with as they are cowboys/con artists).  Anyway, in comes this remax agent board and all, and I’m like “Where are you going?”


She then replies “I’m here to sell your house and i have brought you viewers”, and in comes these two familes and all I’m worried about is this remax agent marking my paint work with her board.


These couples start looking around my house and the second couple… well, I  couldn’t get them out the house!  They made themselves at home, told me where they were brought up, and it turns out the woman was raised near my dad but she didn’t know him!  The other couple left with the agent,  but i couldn’t get this couple out of my house.  I had to eventually say to them “It’s really lovely having you but it’s my bed time now!”


Just at that moment one of my cats woke me up scratching at the door, so I don’t know how he dream ended!





Maybe the couple you could not get to leave symbolizes the people who will actually buy your home…!!  I’m not saying call a Remax agent (!), but this dream could be prophetic. 


In dream language, it could be saying there is someone coming who you will “not be able to get out of your house”!  Unfortunately, there is no time frame, so it could be soon or far in the future..no way to know.


There’s another interpretation as well.  On some level they say everyone and everything in one’s dream is an aspect of one’s self.  If that is true, than the couple who stayed and stayed could be an expression of your frustration that the right buyer has yet to appear and you “can’t get out of the house”!


I’m inclined to think the first interpretation is the correct one… no particular reason, just feels that way to me, or my sense of it. But again, no way to know when, sigh….  Don’t lose hope!!!  The right buyer could walk in next week and “refuse to leave” :)))


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