Help Seammus

A CHIP-IN account has been created for Seammas’s medical bills. You can contribute by going to: CLICKING ON THE PHOTO IT WILL TAKE YOU TO THE SITE FOR DONATING If you are able, please show your support for Kristin and sweet Seammas. We all know what it’s like to have a fur kin in medical crisis. If you can’t contribute financially. please join us in praying fervently for this sweet boy. THANK YOU!!!

please click here to light a candle for seammus


4 responses to “Help Seammus

  1. So good of you, Lisa, to put this up!!! Praying lots of support comes in for Seammas. We are a loving, compassionate group. We don’t stand by idly while one of our own suffers!!! Prayers are powerful… lets apply that adage to the umpteenth power! xoxoxoxo



  3. We lit a candle for Seammus and will continue to keep their family in our prayers. -Bentley (callmeBentley304)

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